Program Application

Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
Cookie days 30 day(s)
Commission type Percent of Sale
Base commission 30.00%
Additional terms You start earning commission of 30% when you sign up and have been approved. Commission will be paid at Net 30 days to your PayPal Account. Promote Senyia Moringa products on your website and all promotional channels Place the Senyia Affiliate link on your website, blog posts, encourage your visitors and clients to click on the link. Let all your family and friends know of the wonderful benefits offered by Senyia Moringa products. Affiliate Commissions are for Sales Only.

How it Works:

Step #1 - Simply create your account on our affiliate portal.

Step #2 - As soon as you create your account, we will create your affiliate link.

Step #3 - Email your affiliate link to your friends, readers, customers and family members. Don’t
forget to tell them about the benefits of Senyia Moringa products.

Step #4 - Your customer is referred to with your Affiliate Tracking Link. A customer clicks your Senyia Affiliate link. 

Step #5 - We log the person’s computer Internet address (aka IP address) and place a cookie on their computer browser. A cookie is a small piece of code identifying you as the source of the visitor to guarantee your commission. We will track the purchases your affiliate customers make.

Our system then uses this information to track the sale back to you whenever the person you sent with your Senyia Affiliate link places an order.

Step #6 - Your Customer browses Senyia website and decides to order one of Senyia products. 

Step #7 - The order is registered on our system as a sale coming from you and a commission is immediately credited to your affiliate account. You can watch your account balance grow as we continue to credit the affiliate commissions to your account for every sale coming via you. 

Step #8 - Commission will be paid at Net 30 days to your PayPal Account.

Step #9 - Don’t forget to promote Senyia Moringa products on your website.  Place the Senyia Moringa Affiliate link on your website, blog posts, etc. and encourage your website visitors to click on the link.

That’s it…. It’s really that simple to make money with us! Join Us Now (It’s Free!)


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